The memories of old

I only recently realised just how much my maternal grandmother (Nan) loved taking photos. I’d always thought I’d inherited the insatiable desire to photograph the world I saw around me from my paternal grandfather. But it seems I’ve had a double dose! Explains a lot really!

Just before I went on my travels I visited my grandparents and started looking through the boxes of slides Nan had by the sofa. They had been there for ages and I’d noticed them every time I came but this was the day for being nosey. And as I dug through them, holding them up to the light to discover what little sliver of history they held, I was taken away to a time when my mum, aunt and uncle were children in Zimbabwe. I loved seeing the style of clothes they wore and it started up conversations of Christmas traditions and family times together. Photos do that, don’t they? They take us back to memories half forgotten, drawing them out in a sweet song of words and smiles shared between us.

It’s hard to explain just how delightful it is to look through old family photos. But what was especially lovely was that there were plenty of slides of my Nan too, taken by my grandad (known to us grandchildren as Pops). And I was filled with joy at getting to see this young, vibrant woman done up in pearls and a dress riding a bicycle or posing with the children. I still see this youth and vibrancy in Nan now. I also see a reflection of who I am in her, the spark of creativity and the desire for adventure and fun. So I can’t wait to get back, to set up the projector properly and spend a few hours going back in time with Nan (who will be doing all the talking) and Pops (who will be sitting back, listening and smiling from time to time) learning about their lives before I knew them.

My favourite one right here! Oh yes, isn’t she fabulous!


This is my awesome aunt who I am staying with at this moment in time. She is very determined and one of the strongest, kindest and most wonderful women I know! She has been there for me through thick and thin and even though we live 7000 miles apart I can still count on her to be praying for me and encouraging me in all I do.DSCF5972

This is my mum! Beautiful inside and out. She has taught me so many valuable lessons in life and brought me up to know Jesus which has been the most precious gift of all. But some of the other little lessons have been to always put yourself in someone else’s shoes (preferably before getting annoyed at them for whatever I think they’ve done to me), be kind and compassionate and feed people good food! I still regress when I go home and sit on the sofa waiting for my cup of tea 🙂


My Pops! He’s the strong silent type…the great man himself! He looks after my nan so very well and has the strongest work ethic I know of. He’s dressed up especially for Christmas in the one below. Nan tells me he would normally be found a little more casually dressed like in the one below this.DSCF5947


Nan having fun looking at a slide in the light box! Isn’t it lovely to see a smile like that.DSCF5940

A lovely close up. Nan is also a writer and has penned many short stories over the years, a few of which made it to the radio! She has also written the odd pantomime and a collection of memoirs of people in her village. DSCF5924

This one of my mum with the dog is too cute!


This is my Aunty Sue again but a little younger, she has a dog similar to this one now.DSCF5921

3 generations! Me with my very precious Mum and Nan. Thanks, Dad for taking the photo!


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