A fusion of cultures in Sheffield


Wowzer, this was an incredible day! Yinks and Sarah became husband and wife in October and there were many friends and family who came to celebrate with them. I’m rather blessed to also be one of their friends as well as getting to photograph this rather special day.

Now, there’s always a bit of a fusion of cultures when any two people get married but I totally loved this fusion with all the colour, different outfits and traditions. Family and friends gathered in Sheffield from all over the UK and abroad. And what a lot of friends and family there were! It was a packed out ceremony and that’s just a testament to who Yinks and Sarah are. They love people and they show it in all the little things.

But, when I saw how Sarah’s parents welcomed Yinks’ family and wanted to make them feel as at home as possible you can certainly see where it comes from.

It started out with rain and a bit of sleet but turned into a beautiful, though chilly, Autumn day. I may have become rather giddy about the light which was particularly stunning for the confetti photos and couple photos.

The overwhelming feeling of the day was joy. Sarah was absolutely radiant all day and I can only imagine that, with all the smiling, she must have had slightly sore cheeks by the end of the day.

Yinks did the most lovely and heart felt speech and the feeling of two families coming together was ever-present. One of my most favourite photos is of Sarah giving her new mum-in-law a hug on arriving at the evening reception. Such special moments that I’m so glad I get to capture.

The most exciting part of the day for me was when the bride and groom changed into their Nigerian outifts for the money spraying. This is when friends and family gather around the couple and rain money over them…pretty cool, huh? It was vibrant and musical with lots of dancing and laughter. Absolutely brilliant.


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