Cape Town family shoot with the Knights

Leigh-Ann may technically be my cousin but really, she’s my little sister! My brother and I grew up with her and her sister. We would make up plays, swim together, have picnics and generally do a whole lot of life together. We’re now separated by seas and continents, so it makes our short times together that much sweeter. And of course I had to get a family photo shoot in with the new addition to the family!

Abi was 4 months old when I got to meet her. And what a delight she is. Her mum was trying to feed her but she just kept looking over at me and trying to smile from behind the bottle in her mouth!

She also has the most amazing older sister. I only got to meet Keira when she was a year and a half but I’ve been so blessed to get to see her fairly often as she has grown into a wonderful, caring, thoughtful girl.

So with only 2 weeks in Cape Town I made sure I went over to visit a lot. And on the Saturday before I left, the Knights and the two granny’s and I bundled into our cars and set off for Noordhoek Common. Though the sun was shining the wind was blowing! So with our own personal, Cape Town wind machine we set off for a whirlwind family photo shoot.












I really do love colour photos, but equally a black and white image can stir all these emotions in me. In it’s simplicity it helps me focus more on the subject of the photo, draws me in and captivates me, holds my attention for a little longer. Not all photos look great in black and white but I so love discovering which ones will blossom. Here are a few of my favourites.

OC9A4793-2   OC9A4766



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