Change of season

It has been a wonderful, busy summer of weddings, camping, house moving and fun! But I have to admit that as much as I love the summer my favourite season in England is Autumn! The leaves start turning from green to gorgeous rust, mustard and mahogany, the sun still shines (most of the time) and the light in the evenings is just delightful. I love to wrap up in jumpers and get my boots on…sit in toasty coffee shops with a chai latte chatting with friends, the smell of cinnamon and coffee mixing in the air around us. Oooh, it makes me so happy!

And many of you will already know that I’m all about natural light which is why I really enjoy doing family shoots in October and November. The joy of photographing a family (apart from being outside with a bunch of lovely people) is getting to see the different personalities and relationships between everyone. Just over a year ago I photographed the Cutting family out in the Peak District in Sheffield. Thankfully the sun stayed out for us and we were able to get some amazing photographs. Here are a few of my absolute favourites!










And the exciting news is, that tomorrow I’ll be sourcing a selection of new quality frames and mounts ready for the family photo shoot season.


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