Keeping it in the family

Three years ago I photographed Zach for the first time with new parents Tim and Izzy. Earlier this year I photographed them as a family of 4 with new little brother Alby! Here are a small selection of my favourite photos from the shoot.

Butcher Family-1

Butcher Family-2

Butcher Family-5

Butcher Family-15

Butcher Family-14


The colours were gorgeous (Izzy has an eye for things like this. She’s a fabulous creative, as is Tim). But oh, black and white photos are just so beautiful! They make you focus more on the people in the photo and how they interact with each other. And that’s the bit I’m really interested in. Check these little beauties out…

Butcher Family-10

Butcher Family-6

Butcher Family-9

Butcher Family-8

Butcher Family-17


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