Sheffield band shoot with Boom Box

I sat next to her one fateful evening. It was a mutual friend’s birthday and little did I know how delightful that evening would be! Bess and I have been firm friends ever since. We spent the whole night chatting almost to the exclusion of everyone else. It was that rare moment when you meet someone you just connect with…where you recognise something of yourself in the other person, a spark of energy and fun. She just brings life and love and laughter to our times together. She is also one of the most hardworking, talented, creative and giving people I know.

And not only do we both love photography and music (we are both singers) and we also love connecting with people! But where I’ve gone down the path of photography as a business and doing the singing as a wonderful, fun hobby on the side, she has taken her singing into the realms of business and kept her photography as a hobby.

So how cool was it when she asked if I’d do a shoot for one of her bands with the awesome name of Boom Box. They are all about the 80’s and 90’s so getting the look right was of utmost importance. This is probably one of the most fun shoots I’ve had. We headed out into Sheffield city centre and all 5 of them rocked the shoot…there was a lot of laughter, a lot of working the camera and plenty of 80’s sass.


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