Sheffield city centre – show and teach

“I’m never going to be a teacher!” was my constant refrain growing up. I’d seen how hard my mum worked as a teacher and how all consuming it was, bringing marking home, extra lessons for kids and me trying desperately to remember to call her Mrs Johnson when she covered for our teachers when they were off sick.

But as I’ve grown up I realise teaching isn’t just a vocation, it’s something that can develop naturally. I didn’t notice straight away that I was the one my class mates came to for help when learning how to use new software or that in previous jobs I seemed to be the first port of call for many colleagues who got stuck on things.

So I was rather surprised to discover that I absolutely LOVE teaching people how to use their cameras and take better photographs!!! This past month I’ve spent some one on one time with a few students out in the peaks and in Sheffield city centre talking rather passionately about aperture, shutter speed and perspective and all things photography related.

And the most exciting thing? Seeing the joy on my students faces as they see something new in a familiar landscape, where they realise they are creative and that they can see things in a different way.

Of course, I also get to take photos as we gallivant around, trying new things. Here are a few photos from in and around Sheffield City Centre.

This first composition was something one of my students saw first. I asked her to look at what was in front of us and compose a shot. I loved it so much I had to try it myself too.

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