The animals

I am not a wildlife photographer! If you want to check out a local wildlife photographer then go to Patrick Bentley’s site. He is one very talented dude! But I do love animals and a friend asked if I could do a blog post on the wildlife over here.

A few weeks ago we got to visit Noah’s Ark which is a small game reserve near where I’m staying. It’s run by a local farming couple and it’s a great day out. We drove through part of the park, stopping to let me take photo’s of course, before we stopped for a picnic by the dam. Here are a few photos of what we saw.










On a day to day basis though, I see a lot of insects and lizards and spiders. I have a few spiders that live in my room. We like them because they eat the insects. Here’s one of them…I named her Gertrude.


How cute is this baby chameleon that one of the kids found. He made a little terrarium for it and brought it to school for show and tell.


And whilst I was walking the other day I came across the smallest little frog I’ve ever seen! I’ve included my water bottle in the shot so you can get a sense of just how small this little fella is.


But my favourite things to watch are all the birds over the fields. We see them on our commute to and from Chengelo. They are hard to photograph but last week I had the best time trying! OC9A0680

OC9A0681  OC9A0683


The photos though, just don’t do it justice. There is so much beauty here, not just with the birds and other animals. The light is so vivid here and changes dramatically throughout the day. The sky is so expansive with the clouds making it a living, moving canvas. I am continually awestruck by what I see, never bored, still having my breath taken away.



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