The Art of Remembering

It’s the thing I love most about photographs, the way a seemingly random photo in my collection can illicit a flood of memories from a day that was just plain ordinary. Memories that would have, if not for the photo, been forgotten, lost in time. And though they are memories of ordinary days, somehow the sum of them all equates to something quite special and poignant.

I’ve been spending some time looking through my photos from my 365 Project and what a happy journey it is. To be able to recall so much from the last year is purely down to the photos, as normally my memory can be pretty rubbish (unless I can pin an image to it! Mental or otherwise)

So, if you would like to join me on a little jaunt down (my) memory lane, read on for a few highlights of my year in photos.

Seeing Alfie grow up over this past year has been so wonderful. He belongs to one of my dearest friends, Natalie and her husband Andy and I love hanging out with them all. Here’s one from Day 7 (7th Sept 13) and one from Day 222 (10th April 14) and lastly Day 330 (27th July 14). Children grow up so fast and being able to capture those gorgeous expressions, cheeky smiles and everyday moments is something to be treasured.

365 - Day-7         Portraits-50        Alfie Picnic


The Secret World of Mushrooms on Day 45 (15th Oct 14) was my most viewed photo on my 365 Project Site and I love how I managed to get this photo. I was just taking a walk through the cemetery (it’s actually quite a pretty place!) and I saw a gap in the wall behind some overgrown bushes. It led to a bit of land that isn’t that accessible and no one walks through it. There I discovered some old rotting tree trunks and there were all these gorgeous, delicate little mushrooms. It just felt like I was in fairy land, somewhere magical. I remember spending ages balancing the tripod precariously, trying to get just the right shot. And I’m so glad I took the time as it turned out better than I expected.

The Secret World of Mushrooms

I remember this one so vividly, just walking home after a day at work in October. Nothing special about it, except that I saw this puddle with the most gorgeous reflection of leaves in it, contrasted with some fallen leaves floating on the top. As I look at it even now, almost a year on, I get all excited about this simple thing. A reminder of how much I love Autumn and looking for the beautiful things in the everyday.

Autumn in B&W

And this was one of those photos that took me by surprise. I remember lacking inspiration that day. It was 10:30pm on Day 78 (17th Nov 13). I literally stuck my head out my window and took this ‘Portrait of a Street’. The response I got on facebook was amazing! It struck me how emotive images can be regardless of the motivation (or lack thereof) behind them.

Portrait of a Street

What I’ve also particularly appreciated over the past year is the support of my wonderful, generous, encouraging family without whom this journey I’m on would not have started. My dad bought me my first ‘proper’ camera as I decided to do a Foundation Degree in Photography back in 2007. And since I’ve dedicated more time to the business he has been there for me in so many different ways. Wise counsel, encouragement, generosity. He is the most wonderful generous dad and I couldn’t have done this without him. My gorgeous mum is my biggest fan…she’s normally one of the first to like any photos I post and has looked after me through the difficult times in numerous different ways. In particular, when I had flu earlier this year. (I spent 3 days at their house! Unheard of, as I much prefer to be in my own home and wallow in self-pity when I’m not well). They are such a blessing! Tim, my younger brother’ has begrudgingly posed for me on the rare occasions he has been able to visit and these are precious memories for me, especially the time he came and hung out with me whilst we waited for the RAC to come sort my broken down car. He was photo of the day on Day 33.

Family Christmas

And lastly, the photos that remind me of my Church family who are so integral to my life and I couldn’t imagine life without! They are the ones that make me smile, remind me of the happy times throughout the year. And as I sit here reminiscing I wanted to take the time to let them know how important they are and to never underestimate their influence on my life. Yes, my 365 project has made me all sentimental!

365 Blog-42       365 Blog-36

365 Blog-25

365 Blog-43    365 Blog-24

365 Blog-23

So, if you’ve made it this far down the page, I applaud you! And I would like to encourage you to start your own 365 Project. It will help you get better at photography (read my fabulous writer friend, Mel’s post called 10,000 hours to expert) but more importantly, it’s a wonderful reminder of a year of your life. What I’ve found is that I miss doing the project more than I thought I would. I miss how it made me stop and take note of the little things. I miss how, no matter how busy I was, I always made time for a photo (even if it was late at night and the subject was pretty random). I miss photographing my beautiful friends and family. I miss having a small reminder of everyday.

Hmmm, I might need to start Year 2?!


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