Waiting to depart

Part of me would like to spend a blog post writing about all the lovely things that happened last year and reminisce about some of my favourite photographs. However, I’m off on a little adventure tomorrow that I am very excited about.

I’ll be traveling to Zambia to volunteer with Foundations Zambia.  It’s a great opportunity to be part of the church there, meet new people and contribute to a charity that looks to equip people in farming, family and finance. I am planning to blog about my time there over the next 2 months so watch this space.

When doing photography as a living it’s easy to stick to what you know but this kind of trip is a great opportunity to have a little personal project. So I will be taking my Olympus Trip 35 film camera with me. The last time I used film was as a teenager in a little point and shoot camera…very basic! So I am so excited to be giving this camera a go, especially seeing it used to belong to my Grandad who was an avid photographer. And talk about delayed gratification. I’ll have to wait to develop the film!

Olympus Trip 35

So the last few weeks and months have been taken up with organising and packing. It’s rare that I pack more than a few hours before I need to leave. This trip has a whole lot of elements to it that I need to prepare for. It’s the rainy season in Zambia so wellies are a must. Also, a good water bottle is on the list as water comes straight from the river and needs to be filtered. Add to that a decent waterproof, hat, insect repellant and torch and you have a very bulky start to the suitcase packing. I have not left it to the last minute this time!

The highlight of this particular photo is the pink thing at the top which is a trtl travel pillow! I’m so hoping it helps me sleep!


I’m waiting to check in online and praying that I get a good seat. My friends got me this great card…hoping it isn’t true for my journey!

airplane card


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